How Data & AI will rule this Digital World?

What makes data & artificial intelligence such an essential & special technologies right now? Data is an important element that has driven the development of AI. Without data, it would be nearly impossible to create AI products and applications.

Currently, the world�s most valuable companies are the ones that have access to the largest quantities of data. It is not only the volume of the data that is important in business, but the quality as well.

Most important reasons to focus on AI:

   � Speed of AI Implementation
   � Potential Impacts on Society
   � Prioritizing of AI by Every Large Tech Company
   � Shortage of Knowledgeable Workers
   � Competitive Advantages for Companies who First Apply AI Correctly
   � Legal Implications Worldwide
   � Ethical Development
   � Communication of Advantages & Opportunities
   � Collaboration Between Private & Public Sectors


Previously when oil was one of the most valuable products in the world, only a few companies were able to take the benefits from it. But today, when almost anyone can learn the basics of AI, machine learning & use these skills to create precious tools, and everyone can get the benefit from the value of data.

Data is such a crucial ingredient without which the dish of AI will remain incomplete, that's why big tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba & Tencent rely deeply on data. Thus data & AI will soon power most of our activities in society & business, drastically changing the ways we think, work & live.

Use of Data in Business and Society:

   � Obtaining More Data
   � Better AI-trained Product
   � Greater Number of Users
   � Higher Revenues
   � Access to High-quality Data Scientists & Machine-Learning Experts

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