How to Become a Minimalist?

Minimalism is a way which helps you to recognize & focus on your meaningful prime purposes. It not only gives you physical breathing room but also provides mental breathing space. It’s basically a process of simplifying life which doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Remove Duplicates- While using a new one, we keep aside the old one in hope of using it later and that become a clutter. Contemplate whether you really need both of those objects? If not, then sell those items or donate who need it.
  • Arrange your wardrobe- How many clothes you wear? Those which you are not wearing regularly donate them to needy people. This will unclutter your wardrobe & mind-  achieve mental peace.
  • Take a note of spending- Write down your earnings and spending in a dairy or in any expense tracker (mobile app). After one month you will see the magic.
  • Keep a Fund box- Save money from your regular 9-5 routine. After every single payment or spending, make it around. Suppose, you have spent 12 Rupees. Add 3 more rupees to your fund box and make the spending round. After some time, it will transform into a good amount which can help you in emergency situations.
  • Consider before you Purchase- Be smart & make even smarter decisions. Purchase things which you actually need. Don’t buy unnecessary stuffs; don’t get diverted; maintain a strict list & buy from that only.


You don’t have to be extreme in any way to live a minimalist life. Make small changes. Maybe you don’t know this small things can make you feel more fulfilled. Lead a simplified & stress free life.