Core Fitness: Regain control over fitness unconventionally.

Reboot & regain control over fitness unconventionally without going to gym. Follow these smart techniques to enhance your fitness plan.

- Take a walk when it is possible. Instead of taking vehicles, take a walk for short-distance destinations. Add more steps in regular life. We can suggest you some option like:


1) Take a walk when you are in a long call.

2) Have a walking meeting in the office.

3) Go for a small evening walk, at the time of returning home.


- Avoid the elevator and take stairs to the home or office. If you are going to the 6th floor, then the taking elevator is justified. But in other cases take stairs as a first option.

- Instead of lifting heavy weighs in gym you can start by picking up two medium-size buckets full of water and walk or exercise with it.

- Do some fun activities in your leisure time. Some small engaging activities can enrich your daily fitness schedule.


- To fight your body's age mechanisms you should try 'Hypoxia', the workout of depriving yourself of oxygen for short periods.

- Do five to ten pull-ups while you’re waiting for the microwave to ding.

- Avoid sitting down for too long. Use standing desk for some time – you’ll feel much better for sure.

- Start doing skipping for a fast & effective result. Skipping is a great calorie burner. 10 minutes of skipping can burn off as many calories as a 30-minute run.

One needs to be fit rather than skinny or flabby. The gym is a high-cost option to get fit. Go for the above steps to be a fit person from the core.