Free online course on Unit Testing in iOS App Development

iOS app development is a booming industry. Having the ability to create industry standard, robust applications is seen as a huge benefit to employers. This course begins by introducing you to the concept of Unit Testing in programming and highlights the importance of it in iOS development.


The course then outlines how unit testing is the breaking down of code into separate components and testing each individual component to ensure each performs as designed. You will also learn about working with test-driven development, code refactoring, what defines a good test, the A TRIP acronym and Xcode's unit testing platform- XCTest.

If you are interested in a career in app development, or you are a professional looking to learn new skills, then this is the course for you. The topics are explained clearly and concisely and you will learn about their real-life applications. Start this free online course today and gain the skills necessary to become an elite developer!