Scholarship Schemes to OBC Students, Pre Matric Scholarship- Assam



Even after 51 years of independence and in spite of various measures taken to improve the level of education in the country, literacy levels among backward classes, particularly among women, continues to be extremely low. The number of steps have already been taken by the Government and considerable progress has been achieved in improving the level of literacy and education during the last 51 years, but there is still a long way to go before respectable levels of literacy are achieved, It has been recognized now that education and economic support for backward Classes has not been adequate and there is disparity between them and the non-backward sections of the population at every level. In view of the same, it is felt that earnest efforts are required to introduce various new schemes specifically for these target group i.e. backward classes to provide them a level playing field in comparison to non-backward sections of the population. 


The position of women in terms of literacy among OBCs population is also a cause of concern. Considering the important role of women in shaping the size of the family and outlook of its members, investment in improving education among women of these communities will not only improve their social and economic status, but will also help in accelerating the socio-economic development of these communities and the nation as a whole.


Experience shows that children of OBCs from the poorer section to not go schools as they often have to provide a helping hand to their parents in traditional occupation or otherwise supplement the family income. It is considered that a scheme of Pre-matric Scholarship would be helpful in spreading education amongst such children especially amongst the girl child of weaker sections. A scheme of Pre-matric Scholarship for the benefit of children belonging to Weaker Section amongst OBCs has been formulated with the object in view. 




OBCs living below double the poverty line form a bigger chunk of a population and there are disparities amongst OBCs themselves to start with, it is proposed to award scholarship to school going children of poorer OBC parents whose annual income is below double the poverty line.




Scholarship award will be sanctioned in the case of students whose parents/guardians income from all sources does not exceed Rs.2,50,000/- per annum.


Note 1: So long as either of the parents (or husband in the case of married unemployed girl student) are alive, only income of the parents/husband, as the case may be, from all sources will be taken into account and of no other members even though they may be earning. In the form of income declaration, income will be declared on this basis. Only in the case where both the parents ( or husband in the case of married but unemployed girl student) have died, the income of the guardian who is supporting the student in his/her studies will have to be taken into consideration. Such students whose parent's income is affected due to unfortunate death of one of earning parents and resultantly comes within the income ceiling prescribed under the scheme, shall become eligible for scholarship, subject to their fulfilling other conditions of eligibility, from the month in which such sad incidence taken place. Applications for scholarships from such students can be considered even after lapse of last date of receipt of applications, on compassionate grounds.


Note 2: House Rent allowance received by the parents of a student shall be exempted from the computation of 'income' if the same has been permitted to be exempted for purpose of Income-Tax.


Note 3: Income Certificate is required to be taken once only, i.e. at the time of admission to courses, which are continuing for more than one year.