Free Online Course on Persistence Data in iOS with Core Data.

iOS app development is a fast-moving and lucrative industry. Data persistence is one of the key fundamental concepts that needs to be understood in order to become a successful developer. This course demonstrates exactly how to incorporate data persistence into your projects and utilise its benefits in your applications. Learners will study how to create persistent data using Core Data.


This course begins by giving an introduction to data persistence, the managed object model, the managed object context and the persistent store. This course focuses on creating the Goal post app and continues by exploring view controller extensions, fetching data from the persistent store, working with arrays and overriding animations with Core Animation Transitions. This course lays a perfect foundation for exploring more advanced iOS development topics. Data persistence is a key feature and is extremely useful in creating robust applications.

If you're interested in iOS app development or similar areas, or if you're an IT professional seeking to learn a new skill, then this course is an ideal starting point in mastering data persistence. With this course, the topics are explained clearly and concisely in just 3 hours. Start this course today and give your iOS app development skills a real boost!