India BIX, One of the Most Useful Educational Websites Nowadays.

India BIX website. This website is having all the information what a student needs. It is well designed and categorized to get an ease of access. When you search the most useful key words “Online Tests”, “Aptitude”, “General Knowledge”, India BIX will be the 1st search result. So, most of the students who want to learn something, will directly open this site. But somehow this site got only 4/10 in PR Checker. We want you to know how useful this site to students, teachers and also for employees, just to learn something or to explore their knowledge through tests as well as discussions. This website contains all the information related to Education. The categories and their features will be listed out as follows.



For any website, there must be some labels just to figure out what it contains. Through these sub headings, we can easily get access to the whole website. I can say that this website is well categorized to make an easy way into it. Let me describe those categories. And these are sub-divided again into many kinds. You can find synopsis points and then questions afterwards a discussion forum to get in touch with a complete solution.

1. General Aptitude

Hope you all aware of it. General Aptitude is playing a key role in all competitive exams. It’s very easy to understand, and tough to get it done in-time. So, you’ll have to practice more and more.

2. Verbal and Reasoning:

Verbal Ability is all about your English vocabulary. You can find Synonyms, Antonyms, Spotting errors, Spellings, Comprehension and etc… here.
Reasoning is the process of thinking about something in order to make a decision.

3. Programming:

This topic is purely related to software students and professionals. This category is having 4 sub categories like C Programming , C++ Programming , C# Programming & Java Programming . You’ll learn fundamentals, operations and Assertions, Functions, Structures and etc… about all programs here. Even though it is purely related to software field, Any graduate or Undergraduate can learn C & Java easily here.



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