Do you know the benefits of cooking and eating in metal utensils?

Various kind of metal utensils which are carrying our culture forward has a major impact on food habit. Though nowadays people prefer to use non-stick and glass cookware, they can’t ignore the effects of the metal.


1. Brass- 
Brass utensils are mostly used in a religious ceremony. Hence you can serve a regular meal in that. Eating on brass metal utensils protect you from worm infestation, and other Respiratory Diseases.


2. Steel-
Steel is a trustworthy friend in daily food taking habits. It can absorb execs heat and doesn’t react in any acidic food. It didn't even leave any toxic while cooking.


3. Iron-
The most health conses cookware you can use is Iron made utensils. It can indulge high flame as well as helps to increase hemoglobin formation in blood, Cure anemia and improves brain and muscle function. 


4. Silver-
It is proved that silver can improve our eyesight. It is one of the most precocious metals. Eating or drinking with a silverware keeps our mind cool and provide good metabolism system.


5. Aluminum-
Aluminum ware is mostly used for baking. It is an excellent heat absorber metal. Scratch-resistant, anodized aluminum utensils are a great choice for cooking but uncoated aluminum ware is quite risky. So, you should not use it.


6. Non-stick
This is the most used cookware in the Indian kitchen. It can be made up of any metal. It consumes low oil, so that most of the people think it is a healthier way to choose nonstick cookware. It is helpful for quick ready food but should be avoided for longtime cooking items. Several reports suggest that it causes cancer in case of cooking at a high temperature.

Plastic plates are also used in regular food taking habit. But those are quite harmful for health. On a serious note, try to replace them with a metal one.