Advantages and disadvantages of AI

Ever since the advent of machines humans have always tried to create them in a way so that they are able to function on their own without any external stimulus or human interference.

And it must be mentioned here that huge leaps have been taken in this field so far as we find ourselves constantly surrounded by jargon like weak AI or narrow AI. These are nothing but programs and machines that are capable of functioning by itself and that also with extreme effectiveness and efficiency.

The starkest example of this development is the example of self-driven cars that can take into account things such as the traffic conditions and environmental factors.

However, there is a constant debate going on as to whether this development has only good sides. While some are of the opinion that artificial intelligence is the next big leap in human civilization, others say that in the long run it will be our undoing.


Here are some advantages of AI:

   1. Increased efficiency

AI-powered machines are able to do repetitive tasks with efficiency that is unmatched by us normal humans. It is able to delete any errors and produce accurate results every time.

   2. Higher rate of accuracy

Scientists are always on the search for finding ways to teach machines so that they can solve more complex problems and carry out difficult tasks so that they produce results more accurately.

This has made AI-powered machines an indispensable part of any successful business organization.

3. Minimal spending in training and operation

AI-powered machines use machine learning algorithms to keep learning new things like we do. This has eliminated the need of spending excess money for training new personnel in the day-to-day operations.

Disadvantages of AI:

   1. It is unsustainable

Intelligent machines constitute of many processors that are made up of rare earthly materials like Selenium and the batteries are made up of Lithium. In order to obtain these materials mining has to be done extensively which causes severe damage to the environment.

   2. Lesser availability of jobs

It is a fact that intelligent machines perform tasks with more accuracy than its human counterpart. This in turn reduces the need of hiring new personnel in order to increase profitability and accuracy.