My Location: GPS Maps, Share and Save Locations

How to share location from android:


It is quite easy to share location with anyone from the my location app, all you need is to click on the arrow which is located on the right of the address, and then select �share location�.
Alternatively you can click anywhere on the map, and then select the share icon, that will share the selected location with anyone.
There are also options to only copy the address, or the coordinates, which you can find useful.


Basic usage app usage:


To get the most of my location app, you need simply to click anywhere on the map.


After clicking on the map, a marker with the address of the clicked location is displayed, and a menu from the bottom will appear.


The menu has several actions related to the clicked location:


   �     Clicking on the heart icon will save the location, and after saving the location, an edit icon will appear.
   �     Clicking on edit (if a location is saved) will open the edit location menu, where you will be able to edit the location, change the title, add a description, set a type and even put the place under a custom category.
   �     The navigation will open a navigate dialog so that you will be able to choose your favorite navigation app.
   �     The share icon will share the location.
   �     The yellow icon on the left will open the �split street view� screen.
   �     There are more options on the overflow menu (the three dots on the right).


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