All-New Kindle Oasis (10th Gen) - Now with adjustable warm light

Kindle Oasis represents the pinnacle of Amazon prowess in term of building an e-book reader. It has a large and well illuminated display. The display of the Kindle Oasis comes with a new colour adjustable front light that allows the Kindle Oasis readers to customise the colour tone.


One interesting feature that Amazon has added to its 10th generation Kindle Oasis is the ability to schedule the colour temperature of the display. This means that users can schedule the screen warmth to update automatically with sunrise and sunset.


Kindle Oasis (10th generation) Design and display:- The new Kindle Oasis is a lightweight and sturdy e-reader and comes with an IPX8 rating. The e-reader has been provided with two long capsule-shaped buttons one side of the display that are provided for page navigation. 


Kindle Oasis (10th generation) Battery Life:- Kindles come with loads of features that make reading an e-book, even for hardbound book lovers. The Kindle Oasis battery life is good, you won't be charging it every day, maybe once in a week.


Kindle Oasis (10th generation) Reading Experience:- No matter where you brought the Kindle Oasis, you always got a great reading experience. It automatically adjusting backlight is another standout feature. It takes only four taps to adjust the backlight.