How to fill up Bank Cheque?

Writing cheque is an easy and important skill everyone should know. But there are some simple things we overlook while writing  a cheque to someone that can easily be misused. We write it so many times to pay the bill, make a payment, etc. But some careless mistakes while writing a cheque that can easily result in frauds or cheques being dishonoured. 


Let us see how to avoid mistakes while writing a cheque-


1. Write the date upper right-hand corner-


Without a date, your cheque will not be cleared. So keep in mind when filling up the cheque date is mandatory. 


2. Mention the name of the recipient-


It is important to write the name of the person or company for whom the cheque is issued. If it is for an individual then include both their first name and last name. 


3. Write the amount-


The amount should always be mentioned in the rectangular box with proper format. Don't write Rs 1999, instead of write Rs 1999/-. Just use the sign hyphen after slash like '/-'.


4. Write the amount in a word-


Here you need to write the amount in letters on the line after 'RUPEES'. Always remember after putting the amount in word add a running line to ensure no one can write anything.


5. Sign the cheque on the specific line printed on cheque-


After filling all the relevant details, you should sign on the cheque. Sign the cheque above your name which is printed on your cheque.