Museology in India. How to be a museum curator?

Most students are looking for the best institute while registering for the Museology course. If you are looking for best Institute for Museology in India, ´┐ŻUniversity of Calcutta´┐Ż is the best institute for Museology. The Department of Museology of the University of Calcutta is one of the pioneering university museology departments in India. The speciality of the museology courses in Calcutta University- the equal emphasis on theory & practice of the core museological principles, as well as, on the application of basic academic disciplines.


Museology involves administrating museums. It includes aspects of archaeology, history, research and archiving. Museology can be interesting to those who are interested in fields like history, science of preserving and conserving museum collections.


Admission to Master of Arts in Museology is done on the basis of the marks in the qualifying examination or score in written test. Masters of Arts in Museology is a PG Archaeology course. It is the diachronic study of museums and how they established and developed in their role as an educational mechanism under social pressures. 


The duration of the Museology course on a regular basis two years and it may fluctuate from institute to institute. The curriculum is divided into 4 semesters of 6 months each. This is job-oriented course and provides a lot of career opportunity to the students.


Eligibility Criteria:


For MA in Museology :


Bachelors degree (with Honours, wherever applicable) or a Masters degree in History/ Ancient Indian History and Culture/ Islamic History and Culture/ Anthropology/ Ethnology/ Sociology/ Archaeology/ Pali/ Sanskrit/ Persian/ Modern Indian Languages (like Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, English and others listed in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution of India)/ Folklore/ Fine Art/ Visual Art/ Applied Art/ Art History/ Education/ Tourism.


For MSc in Museology :


Bachelors degree (with Honours, wherever applicable) or a Masters degree in Zoology/ Botany/ Geology/ Geography (with Zoology or Botany or Geology or Chemistry or Anthropology in combination)/ Earth Sciences/Anthropology/ Agriculture/ Environmental Science/ Marine Science.



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