Happiness is good for your health

Being happy doesn’t just put a smile on your face – it’s also beneficial to your physical health.


Happiness Hormones:


Whenever we encounter positive emotions, our brain releases certain neurotransmitters – also known as “happiness hormones” – which are known for showing positive effects on many of our bodily functions.


Low Cortisol:


Happiness results in greater levels of these hormones, it also lessens the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol has harmful impacts on our immune system, it causes us to age more rapidly & actually thins our skin, weakens our bones. Boosting one’s happiness thus means less stress and less stress means better health.


Stronger Immune System:


Consequently, happy people have a stronger immune system, which prevents them from catching common cold & other diseases. Moreover, even if happy people get sick, they tend to recover faster & have fewer symptoms than unhappy people do.
Prevents Heart Attacks:


More importantly, happiness also reduces the risk of suffering from more severe health conditions. For example, research shows that happier people are at a lower risk of having a heart attack. They also show a lower risk of developing restricted blood flow in their arteries – a high-risk factor for heart attacks.


In general, experiencing happiness tends to have immensely positive effects on our overall health and boosts our general well-being. Experiencing happiness doesn’t just feel good – it’s is also good for your health.


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