How to set up and android phone for Child?

Smart phones and children have a tricky relationship. Phones can be most entertaining thing for kids. Nowadays every kid wants their own smart phone. But as a parent when you hand off your phone to your child, you should know how to set up parental controls for an Android device:


Play Store Parental Controls-


If your children are 13 or above then you need to use the built-in parental controls in the Play Store. This lets you limit games, movies, TV shows your child can download, based on an age rating. To set up parental controls, open the Play Store app then go to settings> parental Controls, then toggle the switch On. Next, click through each type of content and set an age limit, or activate the explicit filter, and hit Save when you�re done. Your child won�t be able to buy or play anything that falls outside these settings.


Parental Controls in Chrome-


To protect your child from some of the dark sides of the web then you can apply the safe search filter to their web browsing. You can choose to allow them to visit all websites, only websites without mature content or a custom list of websites that you create.


Replace YouTube With YouTube Kids:


Nowadays most kids addicted to Youtube, but there is a lot of content on there that wouldn't necessary for them. For very young children you can replace the Youtube app with Youtube kids. It is an official family-friendly alternative with curated content.


Filters on Google Search & Android apps:


You can enable a safe search filter here to limit violent results when a junior uses Google search. On another side, when you set up any android apps there are two lists: one for blocked apps, another for allowed apps. These controls are only for apps actually on your child's phone.



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