The scientific explanation of touching Feet of our elders

In an Indian tradition touching the feet is very common gesture that we used to give to our elders. It is a sign of respect and adopted since Vedic period and also known as Charan Sparsh. Children from a very small age were taught to touch the feet of elders, whether grandfather, grandmother, father or mother, etc. I remember still at my home there is a tradition of touching the feet of our parents, grandparents early in the morning when we woke up and before going to the bed at night. We have read in an epic Mahabharata, Yudhistra stated that touching the feet of the elders gives strength and feeling of greatness. Even Rishis have observed four beneficial factors of touching the feet, i.e. it gives strength, intellect, knowledge and fame.


In an era of modernisation also touching the feet gives gesture and respect to the elders which most of the generations are still following. Elders give blessings while touching the feet by saying long life, fortune, wisdom, etc. There are some scientific reasons behind touching the feet. Let us find out some reasons behind it.


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