Some Healthy Foods Which are Not Healthy at all

The Foods marketed as �Healthy�, �fat-free� or �low fat� foods- are they really good for health? No. Research shows, Most of the famous so called branded healthy foods contain more fat, calories and harmful chemicals. This can provide you the most unhealthy diet in the name of healthy diet. Instead of boosting our health, the manufacturing companies come up with false manipulating ideas which harms the health of consumers.


Foods that claim to be healthy but are not healthy at all listed below. Be careful if are consuming them regularly.


    � Multigrain bread: We all know that multi-grain breads are made of multi-grain. But we don�t know is about their standard & refinement. Refined grains are extremely processed and lost all of its goodness such as- protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. It contains carbs, which promotes weight gain & blood sugar. Make sure that the bread you bought from the market is made up of whole multi-grain.


   � Peanut Butter: A spoon full of peanut butter can add protein & healthy fat in food habits. But a few branded peanut butter contains sugar and trans fat. Before buying any kind of peanut butter always check that the butter only contains nuts.


   � Pre-packaged foods: To add more taste in pre-packaged foods manufacturing companies use cheese, croutons & meats as toppings. These products contain a ton of sodium, which are not at all healthy for us.


   � Juice or smoothies: Packed juice, cold drinks or smoothies are very popular in young generation. Though it is made up of fruits, vitamins, minerals; but also loaded with sugar. It contains more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per bottle. So avoid them.


   � Regular foods: Some chips, cereals, noodles, pasta can be included in this list because of their calorie, fat, sodium, carb counts per serving.


So, Be careful before choosing these products. Be safe and stay healthy.