The Bose Sound Link Micro is Best Speaker with Crisp, Clear and Detailed Sound.

The Bose Sound Link Micro is significant in many ways. It is not only Bose's cheapest Bluetooth speaker yet but it is also the first fully waterproof and rugged offering from the company aimed at active individuals.


Design and build quality: The Sound Link Micro, which looks basically like a squared off hockey puck, is available in three colours- black on black, midnight blue with violet and orange with plum. It has rounded corners, is extremely tiny and petite and is made out of silicon rubber.


The Sound Link Micro might not be the most prettiest Bluetooth speaker in the market but it sure is one of the most rugged. The IPX7 water resistance rating and silicon rubber exterior ensures the speaker is capable of handling anything from falls to dunks in water- be it clear, soapy or salty.
The ingenious tear resistant strap along with the waterproofing and rugged casing makes the Micro incredibly versatile and helps elevate it from being just another portable Bluetooth speaker. 


Sound Quality: Let's get one thing straight right out of the box- the Bose Sound Link Micro does not sound as good as the now similarly priced (but not as small, rugged or water resistant) Bose Sound Link Color 2. It lacks warmth and the highs are not as clear and sparkly. Having said that, the Bose Sound Link Micro performs remarkably well for a speaker of its size- with crisp, clear and detailed sound.

The mids are expressive and detailed and the highs are crisp and sparkly- without ever becoming too harsh. Lows are tight and punchy but bass heads will definitely be left wanting. What is impressive is the instrument separation and layering- which far exceeds one's expectations of a speaker of this size.

Battery life: Bose claims that the Sound Link Micro has a 6 hour battery life- which is pretty average even for a speaker of this size. Thankfully the claims are met quite easily, albeit with music at 60 -70 percent volume. Blasting songs at full volume may fetch you slightly less battery life. As mentioned above, the presence of a microUSB port for charging is slightly disappointing. 

   1. Crisp, balanced sound and unmatched bass for a Bluetooth speaker its size, plays loud and clear outdoors for beach days or camping trips 
   2. Waterproof speaker from the Inside out (Ipx7 rating), with soft, rugged exterior that resists dents, cracks and scratches 
   3. Easily portable with a Tear-resistant strap to bring it wherever you go, strap to your backpack, cooler or handlebars 
   4. Wireless Bluetooth pairing with up to 6 hours of play time from a rechargeable battery, wireless range up to 30 feet (9 m) 
   5. Built-in speakerphone for taking calls out loud and voice access to your phone�s Siri or your Google assistant



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