Scientific reason behind Indians eating food by hand

India is full of ancient traditions that are still followed by a large number of people. There are some scientific reasons why Indians eating food by hand. So in this article, we'll discuss the scientific reasons for this culture.

As there are various reasons explains by Ayurveda that hands are the most precious organs of action. Each finger has some spiritual significance,

Thumb finger connects to Agni (Fire).
Index finger connects to Varun (Air).
Middle finger connects to Akash (Space).
Ring finger connects to Prithvi (Earth).
Little finger connects to Jal (Water).


Improved Digestion Process: Eating with your hands does help in improving our digestion because our hands have some bacteria named “Normal Flora” which can be found on the palm and fingers of our hands which is not harmful but protect us from various damaging microbes in the environment. As per Ayurveda, when you put food in your mouth you curve your fingers to a form of yoga mudra that has a healing power on the body.


Increase Blood Circulation: Eating with your hands is a sort of muscle exercise that increases blood circulation. This excessive movement of the hands helps smooth blood circulation.


Temperature sensor: When you eat food, the nerve endings in your fingers sense the temperature of the food. It prepares your brain for what you are going to eat. Ayurveda's study shows that our body can respond to this food touch by producing the needed enzymes and digestive juices.


Avoids over-eating: When we eat with our hands generally we eat slowly which does help you to digest whatever you eat which does make you eat less. Much research shows that eating with your hands makes you eat less and digest faster.


Hygienic Benefits: Eating with your hands is more hygienic than eating with forks and spoons with the simple fact that you wash your hands multiple times a day rather than the utensil which you wash once a day that causes some hygienic problems. Human hands are more hygienic as compared to forks and other utensils.