Long term data storage will not only ensure the on the go access to the data, but it is also true in case of managing the backups and disaster recovery plans.


Cloud Storage : Cloud Storage is indeed the best way to store data for a longer period of time. By opting for cloud storage, the user will get high-quality data security as well as reliable data storage. Data protection is ensured with the employment of end-to-end encryption.


External Hard Drives : External Hard Drives are an excellent way to store and access important data for a longer period of time. A user just needs to copy the important files on the connected disk drive in the same manner as we copy files to some other folder.


CDs and DVDs : Although preparing data backups on the optical discs seems to be quite an old fashioned way but still they are a feasible way to retain data for a longer period of time. A single CD can store data up to 700 MB a single unit of DVD can store data of 4.7 GB and the consumer level Blu-Ray disks can store data up to 25 GB.


Flash Drives : Flash Drives are also known as USB drives. They do not have any moving part, neither are they as crappy as CDs so users can trust them for a longer life span. USB manufactures claim that their flash drives are capable enough to store data at least for ten years.