Indian Classical Music and its scientific significance

In India, there are various stories about musicians. One of the famous one is Tansen. Stories says that when Tansen Sang, he could light lamps with his music. It may not be an exaggeration, it could be reality. We donít know the actually he did it or not. These stories are hard to believe but Science has proven that different sounds have different effects. 


One of the oldest musical traditions of the world is the India Music. During the vedic times, Rishis would study different sound vibrations and the effects of it on the human body. They would practice tonal patterns and its connection with human mind, body and soul.


For the modern science, music is all about vibration. Where there is sound, they are bound to be vibration. For every person who cannot recognize the completeness of the sound, music is just a noise as he just hearing pieces of vibrations and who listens and understand the wholeness of the sound, everything is music. The chirping of birds, flowing sound of water, sound of baby laughing- they are all music. In the Modern Science says that the whole existence as a vibration. There is nothing which is not music.