Mental Health Exercises During Lockdown

As the Lockdown continues to keep many of us at home, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. During this difficult time, your mental health needs a bit of support. So we have a bunch of ideas on Mental Health Exercise during this period.


Having a routine which includes some mental health exercises is vital for the family members. Here are some simple way for mental health practices which can be done with the family: 


Engaging flourishing protocol: Do some fun activity together like drama, decorating etc. While our brains are released dopamine to make us repeat activities that are essential to our survival and brain can also emit dopamine signals during fun activities. 


Talk to Family: In this lockdown period some of us are living with their families, many of us are not. To stay mentally healthy talk to your family so pick up your phone and talk to your parents. At this time sharing your feeling will definitely make you feel much lighter. Connecting family, friend and sharing them in your thoughts, feeling and gossip can reduce the stress and make you mentally strong. 


Schedule a regular routine: During this period most of us love to sleep in because we don�t have the offices to rush to, having a set time is important for mental well being. Eat, sleep and waking up at regular times. Unorganised time is known to create boredom and cause spikes in depression. So try to make a to-do list for the day. 


Exercise: Exercise, perform a vital role in our regular life. Instead of waking up to your phone, start your day with meditation. Reference of various research shows that exercise and meditation reduces the symptoms of depression. Exercise and meditation of 20 minutes in every morning can calm you considerably and enhance self awareness. But if you are not interested in meditation, then working out at home is a good way to stay healthy and kill time.


Stay mentally healthy by following these practices. So stay in, stay safe, connect and breathe! And also keep washing your hands regularly.