What is the advantage of eSIM over a normal SIM?

An eSIM is SIM-Card which is embedded in the mobile device. The SIM stores all the information which is necessary to identify the mobile subscriber. It will come in form of an integrated SIM chip that cannot be removed from a device. The information on eSIM will be rewritable by all operators. 


Advantage of eSIM over a normal SIM


Buy it whenever, start using immediately: For eSIM, everything from the purchase to when you start using it can be done by online, so if you want then you can buy it just before departure. The viral part is that you can start using it immediately after purchase. No, wait times.


No more SIM card swapping: With eSIM, there’s no need to remove the physical SIM, meaning there’s no need to fret over losing it. As mini, micro, nano and SIM sizes are getting smaller, the possibility of losing the SIM you removed during swapping is getting larger. Losing the SIM card you are using from your carrier or that bought prepaid can be a real pain. But the risk is not present with eSIMs.


No Startup failure or physical damage: With eSIMs, the profile you download from the internet is in digital format meaning there’s no chip to interact with the world, there’s no longer a need to worry about the sorts of physical troubles described above.


All you need is your smartphone: eSIMs eliminate the need to carry a device like you have to do with a mobile Wifi router. Physical SIM cards actually literally involve having to buy physical product meaning that you need more than just your device to use it. ESIMs provides a huge advantage over forms of mobile internet.