Keep track of client calls on the Innova- CMA mobile app

A Call management application with Web Interface & mobile application to manage client followups (Call, Meetings & Payment followups)


Considering you make a living through successful communication, it�s not ideal to manage calls with dairy/ online calendars. You�ve just jumped off a really promising call with a high-value prospect and have a bunch of follow-up actions you need to complete updating the call notes, moving your prospect to the next stage in your pipeline, and following up to schedule the next meeting. Innova- CMA is just the right tool for you in Office or on the go.


Innova- CMA is a call management application that helps to keep track of all minute details that you communicate during a phone call/ meeting.  To ensure the continuing relationship with the customers and to make sure that they are delivered with the right information Innova- CMA is an impeccable tool.  


Innova- CMA feature list:


- Multi-user Application with data sharing facility
- Add Client with contact person. Create multiple enquiries for every client. 
- Personalised Dashboard to remind of Call, Meetings, Payment Followups- Today, Pending and upcoming.  
- View the detail call log in one click on (Desktop & Mobile App)
- Automatic detection of duplicate leads.
- Various MIS Reports.


Most importantly

Once enquiry information is entered into the application, the track will never be lost.

Android Application link:

Use credential for demo:

Key: 14989
User: mkt
Password: mkt2020#

How to avail this service?

Get in touch with Innova:
Call: 9830111996
Email: bc<@>



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