Applying Tilak on the forehead – Science reason

Religious expression, marital status, traditional value or/and spiritual approach are various reasons behind application of tilak on forehead of Hindu men and women. It is a distinctive spot or shape in between eyebrows, formed by colored powder or paste which in ancient times used to be home-made. Now-a-day, not very much, people rely on market products which are readily available for use.

This eyebrow spot is mentioned as Anjna Chakra in terms of Yoga, which is the sixth and the most important chakra. It is the junction where highest number of neurons meet, hence described as the most important yet sensitive zone, while there are spiritual and scientific significance to the concept of tilak.


Spiritual Importance and Beliefs

Maha Upanisad, Atharvana Upanishad, Puranas and Vedic Scriptures describe the importance of tilak. There are sampradayas (cultures) in Sanatan Dharm (Hindu Principles) which say energy, strength and divinity come to those who use tilak.

Types of Tilak

Depending on the type of Gods they worship, there are variety of tilak (Hindi) or tilaka (Sanskrit) in Hindu culture.


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