What is Plasma Therapy? How it is effective in treatment of COVID-19?

When Germs or pathogens attack our body, our immune system starts working and releases proteins to fight with an infection. These kind of proteins are called antibodies. If the infected person produces the sufficient amount of protein then they will be recovered by antibodies itself.


In this plasma therapy, such immunity can be transferred from a healthy person to sick with the help of blood plasma. The plasma is a liquid part of the blood from the recovered patients of COVID-19. It provides a medium for red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets to circulate through the body. This kind of therapy involves transfusing certain components from the blood of people who have recovered into person who are very sick with the virus. 


How it is effective in the treatment of COVID-19?


  In this technique, the blood is ejected from the recovered patient from COVID-19. After this, the serum is separated and screened for virus neutralising antibodies.


    Plasma therapy concept uses antibodies which developed within an infected patient while they are infected with the virus.


    Once the patient recovered from this virus, they can donate their blood so that their antibodies can be used to treat other patients.


    After getting the antibodies when our body gets into contact with external pathogens like bacteria or germs, it automatically starts to defence by starting releasing antibodies.


  The process takes around some hours for donating plasma. The donors of the plasma are hooked up to a small device that removes plasma while simultaneously returning red blood cells to their bodies.