Some Foods Can Help You Keep Warm in Winter

In order to warm up your bodies from the inside during winter, here are some foods that you should consume regularly.


Start adding honey to your morning tea or coffee: Honey should be a big part of your winter diet. For beginners, you can start mixing honey with your morning tea or coffee. It is warm in nature, and thus its regular intake helps in elevating the body temperature. It is great for your immune system and can keep you away from common winter illnesses such as cold, cough, and flu.


Jaggery can enable heat generation inside the body: Just like honey, the consumption of jaggery helps in generating heat inside the body. Jaggery also contains nutrients like phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and potassium, which not only enable good health, but also serve important roles in remedies for cough, cold, migraine, fatigue, and indigestion.


A cup of ginger tea can stimulate thermogenesis: It's give you a cozy feeling, but it also keeps you warm from the inside. This heat generation happens because ginger can stimulate thermogenesis. Additionally, ginger is great for digestive health as well as metabolism and blood circulation.