Vital Role of Artificial Intelligence in Future Farming Industry

Artificial Intelligence technology is supporting various sector to boost their productivity and efficiency. AI solution are assisting to resolve the consumption of time in every field. After healthcare, automotive and manufacturing sector now Artificial Intelligence is expanding its footprints in the world's most vital sector Agriculture.


Various Advantage of implementing AI in Agriculture:


- AI implement in Agriculture to produce, harvest and ell essential crops.
- AI implement to checking of defective crops and improving potential for healthy crop production.
- AI technology has strengthened agro-based business to run more efficiently.
- AI is being used such as automated machine adjustments fr weather forecasting.


AI technology is simultaneously rectify the problems while recommending specific action to overcome the problem. Evolution in Agriculture- AI transforming the agriculture:


Forecasted Weather data: Advancement of AI is helping the farmer to remain updated with the data of weather forecasting. The predicted data help the farmers to increase profits without risking the crop.


Soil & Crop health Monitoring: AI is a popular way to monitor the defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil. AI identifies the defects through images captured by the camera. AI enabled applications are supportive in understanding soil defects, plant pests, and diseases.


Control the Pest Infestations: They are one of the worst enemies of the farmers damaging the crops globally before it is harvested and stored for human consumption. Popular insects like locusts, and other insects are eating the profits of farmers. But now AI in farming gives growers a weapon against such bugs.


Decrease pesticide usage: With the help of the AI, data are gathered to keep a check on the weed which helps farmer to spray chemicals only where the weeds are. This process reduce the usage of the chemical spray entire field.