Free Online Course:- An Introduction to Body Language and its Components

In this free online course, you are introduced to the world of Body Language Components. You will explore the three computer-mediated communication theories, as well as the value of positive body language in the communication process and the evolution of Digital Body Language. Demonstrations, examples and assessment questions in this instructor-led video-based course, are designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation, which will enable you to take serious steps into this career.


The course begins by introducing you to the definition of Para-language and the difference between mono-chronic and poly-chronic cultures. Then, the concept of alternants will be discussed, which refers to the vocal sounds that occur independently of verbal utterances. You will explore the concept of Gustorics, a study of how taste can be used as a means of communication.


Next, you will learn about the human voice, modifiers and alternants. You will gain insight into the role of chronemics in the communication process, and you will discover the importance of understanding physical appearance. Finally, you will study chromatics, silence, and digital body language. This course will be of interest to Social Science students, or those professionals in management, communication or human resource fields. Why wait? Start this course today!



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