What is 3D Printing Technology? Advantage of 3D Printing Technology in Our Society?

Three dimensional (3D) printing is one of the modern manufacturing methods where three dimensional solid objects can be manufactured from a digital file by designing them on a computer and then printing them with a 3D printer. 3D printing technology (3D printer) allows you to produce complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. 


Advantages of 3D Printing Technology


Speed- Additive manufacturing is a great solution if you need to speed up your product development. You will get better and more efficient iterations management. Time is money, and money is precious while running a business and developing projects. Saving time and quicken your whole product development cycle.


3D printing is for everyone- Beyond the awesome stories that come in the media spotlight, 3D printing has already made a shift in the manufacturing process of various industries such as dental and hearing aides, aerospace, civil and military aeronautics, jewelry, etc.


Cost-effective- 3D Printing can produce different objects without creating specific tooling or even using several tools. This is how 3D Printing helps increase flexibility in the production flow and helps to reduce industrial expenses.


While producing small quantities, additive manufacturing can be the perfect solution: When using manufacturing techniques such as injection molding, producing small quantities is not possible or can be cost-prohibitive.


More flexibility- 3D printing allows more flexibility for your business. When you need a part, you can just 3D print it. If you need to modify a part, you can also 3D print it.


Customization- Mass-customization can be an advantage for numerous industries, from the medical field to the production of consumer goods. For example, additive manufacturing allows to create made to measure prosthesis or tools in the medical industry. But it can also be used to create adapted 3D printed glasses.


While using digital manufacturing, it is easy to adapt a 3D design using 3D modelling software and print different iterations of the same product.