The Science Behind Why We Celebrate Holi.

The above is a story related to mythology. But this festival has a great Scientific Significance behind it. Holi is celebrated at a time of the year when the winter season is coming to an end and the summer season is about to commence. The temperature all around is moderate. This gives a rise to a number of harmful bacterias in the atmosphere and also in the body. The ritual of burning the bonfire and going around it helps in killing these bacteria.

Besides, the colours also have their own impact on the body. Biologists believe that rubbing colours on the body is a way of treating the body by colour therapy. It is said that the colour enters the pores and strengthens the ions in the body. This gives a beautiful glow to the skin.


The Science Behind Why We Celebrate Holi.

1. Prevents Diseases

The weather during Holi induces the growth of bacteria in the atmosphere and our bodies. There’s a reason why celebrations start with a Holika bonfire on the night before Holi. The heat from the fire cleanses these bacteria.

2. Health Benefits of Natural Colours

During spring, the weather changes and our bodies get more prone to diseases like measles, chicken pox, viral fever and cold.

That’s the reason why colours were made from natural sources earlier. The colours penetrate our skin, strengthens the immune system and helps us ward off diseases.