Free Online Course:- Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners

This free online teaching course is based the teacher professional development programme - Teach2030 - from the Commonwealth Education Trust, which was created to support teachers worldwide. Our engaging and interactive course materials will support you to reflect on your classroom practice, teach more effectively, continue to develop your skills, and improve learning outcomes for all your pupils.


The free online course Growth Mindsets for Teachers and Learners asks you to reflect on your approach to your learning, and of those you teach. The course explores Dr Carol Dweck and her ground-breaking and influential research on how our mindset affects both our own learning outcomes and those of our learners. It clearly defines growth and fixed mindsets, and how the feedback you give can influence the success of your pupils.


Whether you are an experienced practitioner looking to develop your skills or are new to teaching, this course will provide you with opportunities to examine your classroom practice, learn new techniques and strategies, and build an action plan to become an even better teacher. The course takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, including the short tasks and activities. Come and join the Teach2030 community by beginning our course today.



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