Everything You Need To Know About Vaccinations- Check Out These Dos and Donot

If anyone of your family just got vaccinated against COVID-19, then you need to take certain precautions. There are lot of concerns and questions surrounding the COVID- 19 vaccination. Only the elderly can get vaccinated in India as of now. Here we have listed out some of the dos and don'ts in case you are planning to get someone from your family vaccinated in opposition to the lethal coronavirus.


Doníts: Things you need to ensure that the elderly in your family avoid right after getting their first shot of COVID vaccine


No.1: ďDonít let them work immediately after getting a vaccine shot. They are required to rest for 2 to 3 days after getting vaccinated. The body experiences inflammation right after getting the covid-19 jab,Ē said Dr Bipin Jibhkate, Consultant Critical Care Medicine at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.


No.2: Donít let them go out in public places. They might have gotten their first dose of the vaccination but they need to complete the entire course before going out to ensure safety.


No.3: Donít let them travel even if they are vaccinated. Even the guidelines issued by the US-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention have mentioned clearly that travelling isnít recommended even if someone is vaccinated.


No.4: If they smoke, then ask them to quit right away.


No.5: Also, donít let them drink. Consumption of alcohol should be kept under control. ďAt least for 2 to 3 days, alcohol should be absolutely avoided,Ē said Dr Jibhkate.


No.6: If your family member has some kind of allergy then be extra cautious. Also, contact the doctor immediately if you see abnormalities.


No.7: Donít allow them to gorge on junk and fried meals. Junk meals is one thing that they need to strictly keep away from.


No.8: Donít allow them to go outdoors the home without carrying a mask. According to Dr Jibhkate, it takes 10 to fifteen days after the second dose of the vaccine to realize full safety from the lethal coronavirus. So, put on masks and keep protected.


Dos: Here are some things that you must do if they are getting vaccinated

No.1: Before getting them a vaccine shot; consult your doctor about their ongoing medical conditions.


No.2: Feeling nervous and anxious is sort of regular at a time like this.  So, be there with them and luxury them.


No.3: If they are experiencing any major side-effects, seek medical help immediately. This is really important.


No.4: Ask them to stay hydrated and increase the consumption of fruits, nuts, and veggies. Getting dehydrated will only worsen the situation.


No.5: Ask them to remain energetic and go for normal strolls.


No.6: If you live away from your parents then keep a check on them by calling them regularly.


No.7: ďThey can take paracetamol for fever and other problems,Ē suggested Dr Jibhkate.


No.8: Prepare them for the second shot of the vaccine. Along with being physically ready, they should be mentally prepared too.