Know these benefits of buttermilk for skin whitening

A very common beauty ingredient in ancient India, buttermilk has been known to provide respite to a lot of common skin problems for centuries. From acne and acne scars to premature ageing, this highly nutritious drink is a quick and simple answer to many pressing beauty-related problems. If you want to be aware of the many benefits of buttermilk for skin and hair, you�ve come to the right place.


Being an Indian, there is no way you haven�t heard of the innumerable benefits of having buttermilk post your meals. From aiding digestion to improving metabolism, a tall glass of buttermilk is a staple in most households. But did you know that this cooling beverage also has a lot of beauty benefits?


For those of you who don�t know, buttermilk actually contains lactic acid that contains good bacteria and fats that works like magic for the skin by penetrating right into the skin�s surface and removing all the dead cells. Other than that, it also contains astringent properties that help in lightening the dark spots to give us an even skin tone.


Check Out Some Natural Home Remedies Using Buttermilk For That Even Skin Tone:


Buttermilk and Chickpea Flour Mask- This popular face mask is also called as ubtan. This is one of the most beneficial masks to make your dull and tired looking skin to glow instantly. It reduces the blemishes on the skin, removes tanning and is suitable for all skin types to give a flawless finish.


Buttermilk Toning Mask- Did you know buttermilk also works as a good toner? It makes for a great natural toning lotion that cleanses the pores from deep within.

Buttermilk And Tomato Juice Mask- Many of you may not be aware that buttermilk can be used with tomato juice to remove tanning during hot summer days.


Honey and Buttermilk Mask- Buttermilk is mixed with honey for skin whitening. Honey makes the skin tone whiter and also takes the sun tanning way. Sun tanning is reduced by buttermilk due to lactic acid�s presence.


Mango Buttermilk Mask- As summer is here, it is the mango season. You can add this fruit to get rid of pigmentation and blemishes. For the unversed, buttermilk actually has a high bleaching property and if you have pigmentation and dark spots then this is what you should try.


Banana Mask with Buttermilk- If your skin tends to get dry and feel scaly and stretchy then this is one of the beats remedies to cure the skin peeling and dryness. This is a two in one remedy where it will treat the skin dryness and also does a mild exfoliation.