Online Free Course- Diploma in Contemporary Architecture and Design

In this course, you will learn about the various architecture in the world, the history of design, as well as the post-industrial revolutions which were either for or against the movement of machines. The design inspirations for the Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and De Stijl phases of modern architecture will also be covered. Then, the course will look at the Chicago school and Prairie school phases of modern architecture as well as the organic phase of modern architecture.


The course will also teach you about the architectural features of the Art Deco, internationalism and expressionism movements. The monolithic movement, tensile and shell movement as well as the brutalism and metabolism movements will also be covered in this course. Furthermore, neo brutalism which is a combination of the brutalism and metabolism movements will be covered as well as the differences between modernism and post modernism.


Then, the architectural features of the historicism, high tech, neo modern, critical regionalism, Memphis Milano movements will also be covered. Lastly, de-constructivism, pop art and industrial design architectural movements will be discussed and then the course will look at the evolution of typography in the contemporary era. This course is important for learners who are aiming to understand all the phases that modern architecture has gone through before reaching its current stage of evolution.



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