Echo Show 8 – Smart display with Voice Assistance

In the 21st Century, the technological revolution happened daily. Smart Technology is growing up day by day & it’s come with more advanced features in it. AI & Machine Learning Technologies opens a new door in Global Technological innovation.


With the help of the technological revolution, Amazon launches their new Smart Display Echo Show- 8 (Gen 2).  The Echo Show 8 is comfortable for watching the video, listening to music, getting weather reports, controlling smart home devices, making video calls, and more.




 8”(1280p x 800p resolution) HD Touch Screen with Stereo Sound.
 In built Alexa Support.
•  1MP Front Facing Camera with built-in shutter.
 Standard Wi-Fi. Supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks.
 Bluetooth Connectivity.
 Support Microphone.
 Compatible with Fire OS, Android, & iOS devices.
 English & Hindi Language Supports.
•  Control your smart home devices.
 This device is designed multiple privacy protection.


Amazon Claims this Echo Show -8 Gen-2 model is better than Echo Show 5. The improvements in video calls are noticeable. You can use Skype or Zoom Call in it. You can also make voice calls, send messages instantly. You can easily on, off, or operate your AC, Geyser, and Lights with the help of Echo Show -8. Try this New Smart Display Echo Show -8 now & make your life smarter.



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