How to Send Photos As Documents On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used instant messaging apps all over the world. However, the service is not the prime choice for many who want to send high-quality photos with their family and friends.


Fortunately, there is a way that you can send high-quality photos on WhatsApp without any compression issues. Interestingly, you need not download any third-party app to do so. Wondering how you can do it? Well, you need to send the photos as documents to the recipient to retain the original quality. Check out how you can do it from below.


Send Photos As Documents on WhatsApp:


Here we will see how to send photos in high quality in the form of documents on WhatsApp. We have detailed the same for android below.


For Android Users-


Firstly, to send high-quality and uncompressed photos on WhatsApp, you need to save the image with some other name. The process is quite simple on Android.


- Just rename the image file as .doc or .pdf from the file manager.
- Send the image as a Document rather than a Gallery file. If you don't find the file, then you can browse for it under documents.
- When you send the file to a recipient as a document, you have to ask them to rename the image in their file manager to .jpg to see the uncompressed and original image.