Most Famous Hanuman Temple in India Which Has Special Healing Power

Hanuman Temple, Situated in Jagnewa village in Jalaun district Uttar Pradesh, it is said that water in hand pump had miraculous powers of healing.  People from far flung areas come here for the treatment. The hand pump's water recently turned miraculous after a saint from Madhya Pradesh 'infused it with therapeutic properties'.


People of all religions have been lining up before the hand pump. As per the locals, a saint named Geeta Nandji Maharaj visited the temple and took shelter in the temple. The water of the hand pump supposedly turned miraculous after the saint has left for the place. The locals believed it was the saint who infused it with therapeutic properties.


Some villagers were suffering from chronic diseases at the time of arrival of the saint. Then they visited him to seek his blessings. They became healthy after they sought his blessings. According to locals, when people started arriving in large numbers to meet the saint, he told them that he would provide a permanent solution to their problems.