Free Online Course: Diploma in Human Nutrition

There are three energy-yielding macro-nutrients that our bodies need to consume on a daily basis to maintain important functions such as growth and energy production. These are carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. This human nutrition course online discusses these nutrients that provide the essential components for our bodies.


The human digestive system plays a complex and wonderful bodily function which will be covered in this human nutrition online course. You will also learn the various groups of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins including their metabolic pathways and functions. The lessons will also cover the three main types of amino acids, the roles and the eicosanoid compounds derived from fatty acids, the various vitamins and minerals, and the structure and functions of antioxidants.


This Diploma course is rich with insights on human nutrition and the roles macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients play in maintaining good health. It will benefit health-conscious individuals and healthcare professionals who would like to learn more about how to live a healthier life. They say that you are what you eat, so take charge of your well being today with this nutrition and human health online course.



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