Use Microsoft Lens Easily Convert images to PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel Files

In today's world, most people access Smartphone cameras to take images of important documents like legal papers, bank statements, or receipts & we need to share or upload those documents. But when we take images of those documents, we find that images becomes blur & darken & hazy. So we search for a proper scanner app in the play store which has a smart scanner & copies text from paper documents.

After banned from so many Chinese origin apps last year, Microsoft Office put efforts on competing markets. So, they launch their new productive App Microsoft Lens. This software service offers on - iOS & Android. You can easily get this app free in Google Play store.


When you open this App No sign-in or account creation is required to get started. The app started with camera mode. The Scanner icon lets you choose the option between document, Whiteboard, or Photo. Microsoft Lens allows you to convert images to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, OneNote, or One Drive. You can also convert handwritten notes into Documents. You can even import images that are already on your device using Gallery.


Free Application software. Easily access on iOS & Android Phones.
Capture the whiteboard at end of the meeting & keep it save in any format.
Scan printed text or handwritten meeting notes are also editable & save in any type of doc format.
You can scan your Business Networking Cards & save them to your contact list.
You choose to save those images as PDF, Word, PowerPoint & Excel on OneNote, One Drive, or Local devices.

Last year, one of the most popular app Cam-scanner was banned by the Indian Govt. for national security reasons. So those who still can’t find a proper scanner app should try Microsoft’s Lens app. Hopefully, this app is suitable for all.