Mi Robot Vacuum Mop for Floor Cleaning & Sweeping

During this lockdown, we all are under work pressures. Because most of the peoples are busy in their work from home as well as other works. But regular hygiene is also very important for us during these days. At the end of the day, we need to clean our room surfaces for better hygiene & living. But now technology will help you out to clean room & surfaces.


Robot Vacuum Cleaners & Mops are the ultimate solutions. This smart device is very reliable to use to maintain hygiene. Xiaomi introduces their new product Mi-Robot-Vacuum-Mop-P.


Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Features:-


Available 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping Function. Use only Sweeping, Mopping, or Sweeping + Mopping Options. This Robot Vacuum Mop can clean wooden, marble & tiles.


Enabled Intelligent Mapping & Route Planning. This Robot Vacuum Mop can scan 8m. This LDS Laser Navigation System Scan 6 x 360 Degree/Sec.


This Robot vacuum cleaner is an ultimate power machine-like; 2100Pa Suction Capacity, 3200mAH Battery & High-end Brushless Motor.


Mi Robot Vacuum Mop can operate with Google Voice Assistant or Alexa or can operate with Mi Home App. You can set up to 10 different maps of your home.


After the first use of cleaning, this vacuum mop saves the location of each room or you can set individual room names for your next cleaning & mopping. You can merge & divided rooms through the App option. If you want to avoid cleaning the particular zone or area of your room you can set virtual wall via Mi Home App.


You can schedule your cleaning time as per your need. This vacuum mop can clean the corner & edges of your room.  This Robot Vacuum Mop has a zone cleaning option; you can set an area, the robot mop will clean that particular zone of your room.


This Robot Vacuum Mop has 2 cleaning patterns; S pattern & Y pattern. S pattern cleaning is preferable for large areas & Y pattern cleaning is preferable for Small areas. Y pattern cleaning process consumes more power than S pattern cleaning.
Enabled with 12 high precision sensors & powered by an anti-collision and an anti-drop sensor.


If this device running out the charge while cleaning, this device automatically goes to the charging point & resumes works from the breakpoint.  


This Robot vacuum mop is specially designed for Indian homes. This can be a wonderful device for us; which makes our daily life much easier than previous. So clean your room with Mi Robot Vacuum Mop.



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