Get Relief from Pain with Dr. Physio Shiatsu Cushion Back & Neck Massager

Self-care is more important these days. But our busy work schedule gives us so many pressures, that we can't take self-care. So we have faced some health issues. Back & Neck Pain is a common problem for everyone nowadays.
Common Causes of Back & Neck Pain:-

Sit for a long time without movement.
Wrong sitting posture.
Bend Head & Neck for a long time.
Sit on an uncomfortable chair.


This Neck & Back pain makes you uncomfortable & you can’t concentrate at your work. Sometimes you can’t sleep also. If you want relief from this pain you can try “Dr.Physio Shiatsu Cushion Back & Neck Massager.” This massager gives a heated massage whenever you want. You can use it while you are working, sitting in a car, or before sleeping.



• 4 Rotating Shiatsu Massage balls Work to Relieve Aches, Knots & Muscle Tension.
• The Heating Function adds an extra Muscle-Soothing Intensity & helping you to stay Relax.
• The Heating Function also improves blood circulation & makes you comfortable.
• This massager is not battery operated. You plug it on your wall socket or vehicle-mounted car lighter plug in & use it easily. 
• This ultra-slim design is perfectly set on your back, thigh & back neck positions.
• It has adjustable straps, so you can fit this Chair, Sofa, or Car Seat.
• It has Top Quality Textured Leather Cover, which gives it a good look & feels comfortable.

So why are you waiting for? Buy this product & makes your-self comfortable from Back & Neck pain any time anywhere.



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