Various Ways To Avoid Dry, Itchy Skin This Winter

Winter is probably the favourite time of the year for most of us. Wearing oversized hoodies, sipping hot chocolate and curling up in your blanket when the temperature drops are some of the few joys that come with this season. But it can wreak havoc on your skin and hair – making it dry, itchy and irritated. Taking a hot shower may seem like a good idea to get relief from dry skin in winter but it can actually dry your skin out by stripping the natural oils and make matters worse.


Putting in some effort and special care can save your skin from looking flaky and dry. Here are some of the things you can keep in mind while forming a skincare regimen for dry skin in winter.


1. Limit shower time and temperature


Long, hot water showers can be comforting during the cold season but this is a sin when it comes to taking care of your dry skin in winter. Spending a long time under the shower and with the temperature turned up can wash away all the natural oils off your skin, leaving it looking dry, dull and flaky.


2. Moisturize skin right after a shower


While taking care of your dry skin in winter, moisturize your skin right after you shower. Most of us wait for our skin to be completely dry before we move on to the next step. But did you know your skin absorbs the moisturizer better when it is still damp? This little tip will ensure your skin stays moisturized for a long time, thereby removing the need for frequent applications.


3. Look for hydrating ingredients


Apart from using the right moisturizer for your skin type, it is also important to choose skincare products that have hydrating ingredients while buying products for dry skin in winter. Hyaluronic acid seeps deep into the skin layers and nourishes it from within. Therefore pick moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients.


4. Don’t forget your hands


When it comes to skincare, most people only focus on their face and ignore the rest of their body. So while your face may be looking well moisturised and healthy, the skin on your hands may be crying for help. Invest in a good hand cream and keep it by your side at all times. Moisturise your hands each time you wash them with a cream or ointment. Lotions work better in humid and warmer climates.



5. Stay hydrated


Internal hydration is as important as external when taking care of dry skin in winter. Coffee and sangria may keep you warm in winter but they can dry out your skin and make it look parched and dull. Therefore, remember to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Since the weather is cold, you may not feel thirsty often but ensure your regular water intake does not go for a toss. Honey, lemon and ginger are great ingredients to add to your water or tea during the cold winter months.


6. Eat collagen-rich foods


Apart from applying skincare products that will keep dryness at bay, it is also important to eat the right food to maintain healthy skin and body. There’s a direct connection between your gut and skin health and increasing your daily intake of healthy fats can help with dry skin in winter. Include foods like avocado, walnuts, olive oil, broccoli and cauliflower in your diet during the colder months.