Track your Health & Fitness with Mi Body Composition Scale

Everyone to stay fit, active & healthy but our busy work schedule takes us away from fitness. We spend more time at work or on social media rather than stay fit or active. It affects our health & mind.  Research says, spending lots of time sitting affects our internal health. Today’s work-from-home culture ruins our activities. Stay fit & active helps for your overall health.


Benefits of stay fit & active:-


Improve your brain health
Boost your immune system
Increasing muscles strength
Maintain your weight
Gets you perfect metabolism


But it’s difficult to regularly check our body weight, metabolism, pressure & overall body health. Mi Technology launches their Mi Body Composition Scale, which gives you a realistic picture of your health & fitness. This device directly syncs your health data through Mi Fit App to your device. You can easily track your progress & control your activities with the help of those data.

Mi Body Composition Scale Features:-


Track your body muscles mass, metabolism, body fat, bone mass & water content.
This device can track different characteristics of your body like body weight, fat percentage.
This Device scale sync data of your overall body health & directly sends to your Mi Fit App. The easy-to-read graph scale indicates your progress. 
Set your weight goal journey & keeps you motivated to reduce your weight loss. 
This device automatically identifies each family member & can store up to 16 profiles.
When you step on it for 3 seconds, the LED screen automatically brightens up & displays data.
Its sleek & elegant design prevents slip & fall. It has strong-tempered glass on it. It works if you step on it wet feet also.
This device is Bluetooth supported.
It has required 1 Lithium Polymer battery.
Supportive in Android 4.4 & above or iOS 8.0 & above.


An unwanted health issue affects our mind & overall health. But if we want to stay fit & active put some effort into it & the Mi Body Composition Scale helps with that & gives you motivation with tracking details & your fitness progress.



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