Free Online Course: Diploma in General Science - Revised

This free online science course starts off with living things. You will study the five different kingdoms of living things, look into plant and animal cells, and the study the six major group of nutrients. The course will then discuss cell theory including the types of cells, cellular respiration, enzymes, and cell membranes. You will study plant biology including photosynthesis, diseases such as fungi and worms, and plant hormones. The course will also discuss evolution, mitosis, meiosis, and genetics as well as gene technology.


You will then study electronics, electronic systems, magnets, sounds, and transformers. The course will guide you through the study of motion, electric fields, spectra, energy transfers, force, acceleration, gravity, Newton's law, projectiles, and light. You will then look into basic chemistry and the periodic table, as well as how each atom combines to form elements on the periodic table. You will also study the different states of matter and learn about organic and analytic chemistry, elements, electrons, nuclear fusion and fission, energy conversions, electrochemistry, and food chemistry.

Proficiency in science is a skill that opens up exciting and high-paying jobs and careers around the world. All of this starts with an understanding of the basics. This Diploma in General Science online course will start you on your journey towards understanding the incredible world around you through science. By the end of the course, you will have increased your knowledge set, learned something really interesting, and possibly kick-started a great career.


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