Another Popular & Trending App: Signal – a truly private messenger

Everyone wants privacy when they are talking or chatting, but Governments & law enforcement want to monitor all things as much as they can. Some private industries are way too found to get personal information for their profit. The signal is a free cross-platform app that protects your messages, calls, and video chats from data-hungry corporations. This app is regarded as the best when it comes to privacy & security.


Signal App is different from other chat applications because it has end-to-end encryption by default. So when you open your account this app does not even claim your mail-id like other messaging apps. The signal doesn’t grab your data or sell it to other organizations. After so many hurdles for many years, this app is easy to use & much more reliable than in previous days. 




Requires only phone number for Sign up.
Free HD Voice & Video Calls & Texting Messaging.
You can get complete privacy & security in this app, no worries about your data leakage. When you use this app your data stored on your devices.
Signal is open source software with end to end encryption.
Supported in Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux.
Emoticons, gifs & stickers you can share through this.

Stay connected with your family, friends & other groups.
You can replace your devices with built messaging apps. So you can easily share your messages with non-signal users.
Doesn’t require any IP Addresses.
Most secure messaging app now.
Shows only signal users name when you login this app.


We already discussed earlier that in this competitive app Telegram, What’s App is very popular. But Signal is the most secure app & takes a challenge to secure all data & personal info of users. So at the end of the day, you can share anything with your family & friends.


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