How to share video along with audio on Google Meet

Google Meet allows you to share video along with audio for other participants to see. Many times people are able to share the video but are unable to share it with the audio. Here is how you can share the video in Google Meet along with audio.


Note: You will only be able to share videos with or without audio as per your choice on Google Meet


1. Open the video you want to share on another tab


2. Open Google Meet and enter a meeting or create a meeting and wait for other participants to join.


3. Click on the present now option and select “A tab”


4. Choose the tab you want to share 


Make sure that the video you want to share is opened on another tab of your web browser, do not forget to toggle the Share audio option on the bottom left, and click Share.

5. Other participants will now be able to see the video


Both audio and video will be shared to other participants to view after you start playing the video in another tab.


To stop sharing your screen just click on stop presenting on top of your Google meets page or on the tab where the video is playing.