Essential Vitamins need for Our Body

Once you hear about the food your mind thinks about it's healthy or not? Some people are very conscious about their health & on the other hand, some love their food. But nowadays healthy eating is important for everyone. Foods have consists of Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat & Vitamins & Minerals. All of these substances are equally important for our immunity, growth & energy.  


Vitamins are very essential for everyone & different types of vitamins play different roles in our bodies. Most vitamins come from foods. But sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. A small portion of vitamins can improve any kind of health issue. So, the dietitian prefers to include on diet for health reasons.


Now we discuss vitamins & their benefits:-



Vitamin -A improves our eyesight, skin. Vitamin -A deficiency can cause eye problems. It is also good for the kidney, heart & other body parts. 

Food Source:  Carrot, Spinach, Mango, Sweet potato, Broccoli, Egg, Milk & many more.


Vitamin-B Complex

There are various types of vitamins like- Vitamin-B1, B2, B3 & Vitamin B12. This vitamin helps to boost our energy, fight against protein deficiency, improve digestion. Vitamin b is very essential for pregnant women.

Food Source: Whole grains, bananas, Beans & Potatoes, Egg Chicken.



Most popular vitamins nowadays. It’s good for skin, builds immune system & its antioxidant helps to reduce skin aging & increase your skin glow.

Food Source: Orange, grapefruits, red, green pepper, strawberry, Broccoli.


Vitamin- D

Mainly it comes from sunlight. It helps to stronger our bones. Vitamin-D deficiency can cause heart problems, rickets. 

Food Source: Sunlight, Eggs, Fish Etc.



Vitamin E improves blood circulation. Without vitamin E, you can’t absorb Vitamin-A. So this vitamin plays a vital role in our body. It also benefits our skin aging. 

Food Source: Nuts & seeds are the main sources of vitamin E. Almond is high contains vitamin E.



This vitamin helps to clot blood & improve our bone health. Vitamins -K reduces bone fractures, blood pressure which decreases your heart problems. 

Food Source: Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cereals, meat, fish & eggs.


So try to include these vitamins in your diet & reduce your all kind of health issues. Understand your deficiency & choose vitamins wisely. If you are unable to choose, consult with your dietitians about this. Hope vitamins makes you fit & healthy.