West Bengal schools to reopen- Things to consider before sending your children to school

After almost two years of the new normal, when children were confined to their homes and caught up with online classes, schools all over the country are starting to re-open amidst the receding third wave of COVID-19. The West Bengal government has directed all primary and upper primary schools to reopen in-person classes from nursery to class 7. It added that a separate standard Operating Procedure will be issued by the state education department in this regard. Meanwhile, schools are ensuring that they can welcome students in a safe environment amid Covid-19 pandemic.


However, things will obviously not be the same as before with a bunch of precautions needed to be followed at school. Apart from making the children aware of social distancing norms, it is essential to upgrade their masks as well, as they would suddenly be exposed to germs and all sorts of pathogens and microbes. Returning to school has taken on new meaning and a new set of worries for parents and other caregivers during the age of coronavirus disease. As a parent, one of the biggest challenges you.ve been managing is how to let your kid safely be a kid during the Covid 19. 


Safety tips for returning to school during COVID-19:


Getting back at school, which can act as a breeding place for germs, may pose a threat to the children. Expert recommend masks for kids because of their effectiveness against other viruses apart from COVID-19. Schools must now balance the educational, social and emotional needs of their students along with the health and safety of students and staff in the midst of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.


Always wear face mask- Face mask can stop the virus from spreading to those who may be at higher risk of getting sick. Experts recommend universal masking in school with special attention to indoor masking. Wearing face masks should be a priority especially when it's hard to maintain social distance, such as on the bus, at pickup point, and when entering the building.


Keep hands clean- After returning home to school, practice hand-washing with your child and explain why it's important to wash his or her hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially before and after eating, sneezing, or adjusting a face mask. If handwash isn't available then use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.



Practice safe distancing- Social distancing, or physical distancing is the practice of allowing enough space between individuals to reduce the spread of disease. Reducing the number of children on school buses, Spacing desks out and having them all face in the same direction.


Take Steam inhalation or vapor- Steam therapy is the mandatory work while your child get back from school. It is widely used as home remedy to relieve nose and throat-related problems such as cough, sore throat, blocked nose, running nose, and much more. Steam inhalation is not the only treatment for nose/throat infection, use it to relieve inflammation while your immune system fights the infection.