You need to know about International Kite Festival in Gujarat on Makar Sankranti

The International Kite Festival is held in Gujarat on Makar Sankranti, known as Uttarayan. This Festival celebrated every year in January since 1989. This festival is the most colorful in India. On this day people of Gujarat celebrate the end of winter. This kite festival is very famous all over the world.


When winter is ended & starts to turn into summer this is called Uttarayan. On the day of 15th January celebrate Makar Sankranti around India. The Makar Sankranti is celebrated in various ways all across India. Gujarat celebrates the Makar Sankranti with kites.


Not only Gujarat is participating in the festivals, any countries around the world participate in the festival. Kites makers are coming from around the world, the countries like Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, France, USA & China are participating in this kite festival. They exhibit their creations & amazed crowds with their amazing crafted kites.


The international kite festival in Gujarat is one of the most auspicious & colorful events celebrated throughout the year. When the various sizes, colors & shapes of kites are flying around the blue sky it looks awesome & you can feel the truly festive mood these days. When the sky is filling with kites almost like a tent & with different colors, designs & sizes looks mesmerizing view you have never seen before.


This festival is very unique around the world. Not only the kites; this celebration also features delicious cuisines of Gujarat. Til Laddoo, Chikki, & Jalebi are the most popular. The kite-flying competition is also another attraction of this kite festival. There is no age bar; everyone can participate in this competition. This kite-flying competition takes you to your childhood days & everyone enjoys these days.


Due to Covid-19, this event was postponed for this year by the state government. But hopefully, in 2022 this event will be held at the same time.  If you want to witness the International Kite Festival, please visit Gujarat & experience the most colorful festival in India.